Our Team

Michele Moss

Michele has a bachelor’s in psychology and pursuing a Master of Educational Psychology and Child & Developmental Psychology. Michele has a vast array of experience working with children and their families from prenatal, birth, and throughout primary education. She also has experience working with adolescents from secondary school to post-graduation transition placements. She has a great deal of experience working with adolescent youth that are considered ‘at-risk’due to behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders; therefore, having knowledge of different evidence-based practices and strategies that allow the children to embrace their inner capabilities. Early childhood education and intervention is crucial to a child’s abilities to increase their sense of self and interact with their surroundings in such a way that encourages mindfulness and growth. Michele believes that by working alongside of families and care-providers, society is better able to advance their own level of understanding of the children that children are our future.

Dana Anderson

Dana has a BA in Liberal Arts and her Infant Toddler Family Certification. Dana has a great knowledge base for working with families and children who have special needs. She has several years’ experience working with children who have different types of diagnosis from the most severe to the most minimal. Dana is able to provide early intervention techniques with children and families through effective strength based strategies. She works well with children within their everyday routines and environments to provide services based on the child and family strengths. Dana builds infant and toddler play skills through communication and hands on intervention. Her major motivator is seeing children successfully working towards meeting their developmental milestones within their daily settings.

Nicole Gallimore

Nicole has her teaching certification in b-k education and Infant Toddler Family Services Certification. She has many years experience working with children who have special needs in different capacities (specializing in physical impairments and behavioral modifications). She has a great deal of knowledge of a variety of techniques to provide intervention strategies to children and families. She has worked with children who have different types of diagnosis from most minimal to the most severe diagnosis. She is a strength based CBRS (specialized instructor). She strives to empower families to look and build on their child’s strengths while meeting outcomes and goals they have designed for themselves and their family

Natasha Snipes

 Natasha has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Natasha has  many years of experience working with children in different settings such as childcare centers, public schools, homes, and camps. She has worked as a Support Professional for children and adults with disabilities. Natasha is very passionate about the work involved in providing services for young children with disabilities and their families.. Natasha believes  that early child development is super important and plays a major role in the  success for a child’s educational, emotional, and social well-being.

Ashley Clark

Ashley graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development/Family Relations, a minor in Sign Language studies and also has her Infant Toddler Family Services Certification. She has worked with preschool age children for 20 years and cannot imagine doing anything else. Her passion is working alongside families and children to create a partnership in achieving each child’s developmental goals and ultimately setting them up for success. She hopes to always help children grow in confidence, character and creativity.

Tara Sechrest    

Tara has a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders. She has an abundance of experience working with children that have varying diagnoses.  She has a background from work experience in various settings including schools, daycares, clinics, hospitals, and homes.  She believes that play is a fostering context for children to build skills across all domains. She believes that play is a relevant source for a child’s focus, energy, and innate characteristic.  She feels that early childhood is a critical period of development, and that early intervention improves both short-term and long-term outcomes for children and families.

Carima Neal

Carima has a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Child development, she also has her infant toddler family certification. Carima has worked in the Early Childhood Education field in several different capacities. She has an abundance of knowledge and hands on experience helping support children in different aspects of their development with in their daily routines. Carima is passionate about the quality of care that is provided for children and the rapport built with families. She has experience working both in the school and home settings. Carima feels early intervention and best practices are extremely important for children and their families to assist in stronger developmental skills as children grow.

Kyle Dunlap

Kyle received her M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from SUNY and a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. She received her Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Certification from Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY, and Birth-Three Certification at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center in Keen, NH. Kyle has served as Early Childhood Faculty at The Waldorf School of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey, and Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. As an educational consultant, she has developed parent-child programs in the Triangle and Southeast with a focus on developing healthy child-centered family routines. Kyle sees the strengths in every parent-child relationship and works with intervention strategies to take advantage of potential learning opportunities arising from the parent-child relationship.

Christina Moore

 Christina has a Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from East Carolina University and a Master’s degree in Education from Salem College. She has several years experience working with children from various backgrounds who have various developmental levels. Christina has experience in both the home and school settings. She has worked as an Interventionist,  Habilitation Tech, Direct Support Professional and School Counselor.Christina has experience as a 504 coordinator and has worked on an IEP Team. Her personal experience with her brother who has special needs,  along with her professional experience in the school system has shaped the way she works with children and their families. She understands how important early intervention is in the development of children. Christina is looking forward to making a difference with the children and families she works with

Julianne Gamble

Julianne has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Northern Michigan University. She has experience building partnerships with families by honoring their goals and hopes for their child’s growth. Julianne is knowledgeable about early childhood development and various diagnoses that impact developmental trajectories. She understands the importance of creating strategies that are unique to each child’s needs. She believes that parents are a child’s first teacher and is passionate about empowering parents in this role. Julianne is inspired by finding everyday opportunities for children to learn through play and loves witnessing children discover new things about their world. Julianne celebrates alongside families as developmental goals are achieved.